AMHS Stance on Expired Documents

In our Labor Management Committee (LMC) meeting, we discussed the issues several members have faced regarding either their MMC or Medical Certificate expiration date with the government shutdown.

From what we currently understand, the USCG has approved waivers for MMC national endorsements only that have December, January, or February expiration dates which will remain valid until April 30th, 2019. It is recommended that you carry the following document titled “MMC Link” on the IBU webpage with your MMC:                          

If you have a position that requires STCW endorsements, such as OS and above in the Deck Department and Oiler and above in the Engine Department which require Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational/Engineering Watch (RFPNW/RFPEW), those are no longer valid if your MMC or 2-year Medical Certificate has expired and therefore cannot work a position that requires them.

What this translates to is AMHS will only utilize you in entry-level, non-watch standing positions such as Watchman, OSP, Porter, Wiper, Steward. However, if the need arises, AMHS will consider dispatching those same members into their respective job class AFTER members with current MMC National/STCW endorsements, regardless of seniority.

Since AMHS is willing to sail members with expired STCW endorsements in their respective job class, the Union has opened discussion to talk about possible reconsiderations of dispatching per seniority despite the expired STCW endorsements.