Out of Office August 30th and September 2nd

Hi Members,

Both Trina and I will be traveling out of town to meet up with our IBU brothers and sisters who work for the city of Unalaska. This is an opportunity that we weren’t able to take since we started in office 1 year ago. Both offices will be closed on Friday, August 30th due to the trip and will also be closed on Monday, September 2nd in observation of Labor Day.

We will be back in office on September 3rd, 2019. If there are any members willing to come into the offices for Friday August 30th to answer phone calls, it would be much appreciated. Please send us an email if you would like to get a hold of us as we are unsure that our cellphones will work in Dutch Harbor.


Trina Arnold                                          Krissel Calibo
Regional Director                                   Patrolman

trina@ibu.org                                        ibuketchikan@ibu.org

Support Letters

Hi Members,

A lot of Unions and their family and friends understand what we are fighting for. We have had many people urging us to stand strong. The employer (the State) will try to chip away at your confidence to hold fast. They have been making attempts to divide us within our Union and between the other maritime unions on our vessels.

Here are letters of support to let you know we are not alone in this fight.

Sailor’s Union of the Pacific Solidarity

International Longshore & Warehouse Union Solidarity

Maritime Labor Alliance Solidarity 


Call for Volunteers

Hi Members,

If you are interested in volunteering, we would sure appreciate it and could use your help. The call for volunteers will be for the Ketchikan office, 0900-1200. We will need help making signs!

Contact me if you need instructions on how to get here.


Krissel Calibo