Negotiations Update October 2018

Negotiation Update for September 2018


Attention all IBU Members,

Our team met September 18 and 19th with the State in Juneau

There were 10 rules left to discuss. On the State’s side there was a new spokesperson Nancy Such, Deputy Director of Department of Administration and Shirley Marquart Executive director of Alaska Marine Highway System.

The Atmosphere had a definite change and discussions with the state were very positive and amazingly honest.  Nancy Sutch has had past experience with our contract and was able to get up to speed quickly on our proposals and issues. We had a progressive conversation about the previous talks that have been going on for almost two years.  We then went over in detail each remaining rule along with a Tazlina proposed Supplemental (LOA).  We brought up that the IBU has lost over 70 + job positions due to the Taku, Chenega and the possible loss of the Fairweather. We expressed that we hope these new ships will give our members a fairer playing field with  greater job opportunities.

As stated in previous updates we are still going after an end to COLD for a goal of getting an equal pay scale for both out-of-state and in-state wages as issues have come up with both the Union and the State having to validate employee’s residencies. We seek a raise (internal adjustment) for those left out of the last contract and an overall percentage raise in pay to all members.  We are standing strong on our position of not having to pay for healthcare.

When we spoke to the new executive director for the ferry system about the public/private corporate model, she seemed to understand and was concerned with the current state of Ship to Shore relationships and the need to address it.

Overall the State understood our positions and seemed to want to move quickly on the outstanding rules.  We meet again October 15th – 17th hoping for a resolution and a complete TA.

Our next general membership meeting will be October 23rd  at 1400 in Ketchikan and Juneau at our offices to discuss in depth our Future TA.


In Solidarity,

Your Union,

We work for you