Negotiations Update

Krissel and I have been present for negotiations twice now since I have taken up office and I just want to say first and foremost that I want to commend our team for putting in long hours to work on both the union and state proposals. The national president has flown up to Alaska to also attend our past few negotiations. She has experience in over 80 different negotiation meetings and her knowledge is an asset to our region. 

The strategies that the state takes are becoming more and more clear to us and we are taking every right we possibly have to keep things on track. Some of the major issues we wanted to address are:

  • Trying to do away with the COLD pay so that the wages reflect only in-state wages for any and all employees. By doing this, we can eliminate the process of proving your residency which has become problematic for a lot of our members. This process of proving your residency has also been affecting our long term Alaska residents. We feel the uniformity in wages will also unite our workers further.
  • Proposing a $2.00 internal adjustment for all of the positions who didn’t get the previous bump in pay, which the state seemed responsive to.
  • Negotiating the wages for the Lituya positions to reflect the wages of the positions on the mainliners.

Although our meetings have been coactive, we are at a rut on monetary issues.  One proposal the state has is that we pay for our health care. We have pushed back and told them that we believe that a majority of our voting members will not accept that. 


If you have more questions regarding status of negotiations.

Please fee free to contact me in the Juneau office at 907-790-9644 or email:

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