Alaska Region Executive Committee Update

January 21, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We are excited to report that the IBUP Alaska Region Executive Committee has met and concluded its first meeting of 2018, all Committee members returning and newly sworn in Committee members devoted three solid days to Union Business. Our newly elected IBU National President Marina Secchitano was also in attendance on each of the days.

Please welcome new and returning Executive Committee members sworn in by President Secchitano: By virtue of all ballots received, they are: Earling Walli- Chair, Drew Transki- Deck Rep, Mark Hillberry- Deck Rep, Trina Arnold- Deck Rep, Robert Arnold Purser Rep, Kari Wiest- Steward Rep, Michael Queen- SW Rep, and Eric Helpenstell- Crowley Rep.

At the personal request of President Secchitano, former Regional Director Darryl Tseu agreed to act as an Interim Regional Director due to the resignation of Joshua Stephenson. Darryl’s acting status was ratified by a unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Darryl is very competent. He served as Regional Director for 12 years. During his absence from the IBU he has continued to build relationships with governmental officials, legislative representatives, the Democratic party and other labor unions. He worked for the legislature for the past 5 years videoing their hearings and has stayed abreast of the state of Alaska Marine Highway System.

There will be a notice of nomination sent from the National Office for a new Regional Director, and after presenting the petition, that many of our members signed, a Patrolman in Ketchikan, as well as a volunteer Patrolman Juneau based. A nomination meeting will be held in Juneau and in Ketchikan. In the interim, Trina Arnold and Earling Walli have been ratified as the acting Patrolman. Our new President was instrumental in seeing the need with the Committee’s support.

Robert Arnold was ratified by the Committee to fill the vacant Vice Chair position. He vacated the Purser Rep position that will be filled by the Committee following the 30-day notice period. Steve Cotter was ratified by the Committee to fill the vacant Longshore position. There remains 2 Steward vacancies and 2 Engine vacancies to be filled immediately, by secret ballot of the Committee.

Our Union depends on you, with your support we will chart a new direction. The Alaska region and our new President thanks each of you! We look to each opportunity to hear your concerns as well as the encouragement that we have heard from our Members. Please be looking for upcoming announcement’s.

Question or concerns? Please contact our Union Office or Committee members.
Contact Info: Trina Arnold – 907-617-4664 Earling Walli – 907-500-8432
Darryl Tseu – 907-209-8772

In Solidarity, Marina V. Secchitano