E-Board Vacancies

In compliance with your Alaska Region by-laws vacancies in Regional E-Board seats, this is the thirty day notification that there are currently 2 steward seats, 2 engine seats, 1 Longshore and 1 vice chair position open. It is our hope to fill these seats with representatives from the departments. If you are interested in putting YOUR name forward, not nominating someone else, please email joshua@ibu.org and cc karena@ibu.org. Thank you


“In the event an EBoard vacancy or vacancies occur between regularly scheduled elections, the Eboard will issue a public call for qualified, interested IBU members of the department or departments with vacant seats to make known their interest, in writing, to fill the vacant position or positions. After thirty days’ notice, the Eboard may appoint a suitable replacement or replacements for the vacant seat or seats from the pool of interested candidates. If, after thirty days, there is an insufficient number of, and/or no, qualified candidates from the department or departments with vacancies from which to choose, the Eboard may fill the vacant positions from the membership at large to serve in the vacant seats until the next regularly scheduled Eboard election.”


In Solidarity,

Joshua Stephenson

Alaska Regional Director

Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific