Election Results Are In!!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

Today was our election day on the National and Regional level. We had a 38% voter return, the highest in recent memory! That is a good feeling and we hope we can keep the membership participation rolling. Thank you to everyone who sat on the ballot committee(s), participated in the election by voting and made this election vibrant and active.

There were good debates and discussions among the membership, which is an important role in being an active Union. The more active and interested we are the stronger we are.

Congratulations to everyone who will be sitting on the Regional E-Board and Convention Delegates. We have a lot of work this coming year. Some very critical decisions are going to be discussed and voted on. I look forward to working with everyone.  

Here are the results from all regions and national:

Election results

Within our region the tally was as follows:

376 ballots sent out (this number represents full book members in good standing)

144 ballots received.

Here is our regional vote breakdown:

National President:         Gary Bucknum:                 17

Alan Cote:                          35

Marina Secchitano:          77


Secretary Treasurer:       Terri Mast                           108


Name Change:                  Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific:     104

Inland Boatworkers Union:                          28


Alaska Regional Tally

Regional Director:                     Joshua Stephenson:       119

E-Board Chair:                          Earling Walli:                      79

John Morris:                       48

E-Board Southwest Rep:               Michael Queen:                11

E-Board Purser Rep:                Rob Arnold:                        8

E-Board Steward Rep:            Kari Wiest:                          37

E-Board Deck Rep:                 Mark Hillberry:                  37

Paul Transki:                       26

Trina Arnold:                      25

Shawn Epton:                    24

Tim Eide, JR.:                      19

Wesley Thomas:               14

Geoff Nordlund:               6

E-Board Crowley Rep:           Eric Helpenstell:               4

Alaska Delegates:                  Earling Walli:                      88

Robert Arnold:                  76

Mark Hillberry:                  70

Trina Arnold:                      68

Shawn Epton:                    50

Paul Transki:                       50

Time Eide, JR.:                   40

Geoff Nordlund:               27

Wesley Thomas:            22


In Solidarity,

Joshua Stephenson

Alaska Regional Director

INLANDBOATMEN’S Union of the Pacific