Regional Report

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

In light of our dues increase ballot failing, the finance committee has decided to re-ballot our membership. Information on exactly what your dues are spent on and why the increase is needed will be provided. At a regional level, we are looking at possible drastic changes in order to keep dues at a reasonable amount and continue providing services to our members in Alaska. This could be up to and including staff reductions and office closures. We would like to continue to operate our region with full staff and offices; however, without an increase to dues that is monetarily unlikely.

Please exercise your right to vote. No matter how you feel about the ballot drop your vote in the mailbox. Yes, or no…… vote.

Our E-Board has not met in person in several months because of the summer work schedules. We are expected to meet again in September. Dates will be posted when we have secured a date.

Remember to think of a name change you may like and submit to our Juneau office before November 2016. We have had very few submissions to date.

Please remember to CC myself, Pete and Karena on emails, often times at least one of us it out of office. To ensure your requests or issues get attended to please CC us.

Our ANS contract Our shop steward is still on the ball up there in Valdez and doing a great job.

Crowley Marine Services has not been awarded the Alyeska contract to provide services in Prince William Sound. This is of major concern to us, especially as a region. We may lose a very large percentage of our regional members. IBU and MM&P launched an ad campaign challenging Alyeska decision to award the PWS bid to non-union bottom feeders Edison Chouest.

Sundance Stevedoring, Ketchikan Gateway Borough and City of Unalaska all are pleased with no issues.

AMHS. With the State of Alaska’s implementation of their interpretation of the Actor Decision it has become confusing for IBU members to know when they will have health insurance in any given month. The IBU is unable to determine with any certainty if a member will have health insurance, we do not have access to the States personnel information. Payroll is the official division that turns health insurance on and off, to have the most current status of your health insurance eligibility this is who you need to contact. If you are unable to contact your payroll tech, the supervisor is Shawna Reid 465-8846.

The union is continuing to fight hard to resolve this incorrect interpretation of the Actor decision. IBU has filed an Unfair Labor Practice regarding the State of Alaska’s implementation of the Actor Decision, which includes issues regarding health care eligibility.

We have filed an Unfair Labor Practice against the State for not bargaining in good faith and implementing their interpretation of Actor decision while we were still negotiating an agreeable solution. This is a very long process, as is mostly everything with the state.

At our last E-Board meeting the 2 week pay period dispatch was discussed at length, we would like to see a mid-week update posted, the state has clarified with us the wording and is discussing if they are willing to enter into this agreement. Minus the agreement to post a mid-week update we may be forced to cancel the pay period dispatch and return to the former monthly dispatch.

Please remember that grievances take several months to resolve. Arbitrations take even longer. We have several of each active with the state.

Please remember to vote, remain active and uphold the level of professionalism the public has come to expect from our membership. Safe sailings.

The IBU offices are staff are here to serve YOU. This is your union. If you have any questions, comments or concerns call or stop by anytime.

Yours in Solidarity,

Joshua J. Stephenson

Regional Director

Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific

Alaska Region