Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

The attached new DSF has been revised to more accurately align with the IBU Collective Bargaining Agreement and to be more user friendly for crew.  Please make this new form available to all IBU members.  If you have the old version of the DSF (any printed prior to August 2015), please destroy them as they are obsolete. The form has been changed to once again include the seven day off between assignments selection options.

This new DSF should be completed in its entirety and will replace any previous DSF on file for the crew member.  Only selections offered on the form will be acceptable.  Altered forms will be rejected and returned for correction and resubmission.  All employees are encouraged to submit the new DSF:

IBU DSF (08-2015)

For questions regarding this, please contact:

Deborah Porter

Dispatch Supervisor, AMHS Operations

Ketchikan Central Office

Ph:  (907) 228-7262

Fx:  (907) 228-6873


Yours in Solidarity,

Joshua J. Stephenson

Regional Director


August 12, 2015