Ship’s Delegate and Department Representative

Attention:   IBUP Members


From:           Joshua Stephenson, Regional Director

Date:           June 30, 2015

It is once again that time of year for elections on board the Alaska Marine Highway Vessels for the position of SHIP’S DELEGATE and DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVE.

What does a Ship’s Delegate do?  The Ship’s Delegate (Shop Steward) is the Union representative sailing on the vessel.  Should there be problems on-board; the Ship’s Delegate can help to resolve them.  The Ship’s Delegate can also help with contract language discrepancies and as a representative of the Union can help to solve problems before they get off the vessel.  The Ship’s Delegate helps in orientation of new crew members on board and acquaints the new mariners with their responsibility in the Union.

 What is a Department Representative? The person that you can consult with in your department. Who has the ability to give you advice regarding the contract, and your responsibilities of  your job. The Department Representative will stand with you in an onboard dispute within your department.

Please hold a Union meeting to select your Ship’s Delegate and Department Representative.  The Union office will need to know who has been elected on each vessel and each crew, so that we are better able to serve our membership.

These positions are extremely important in the functionality of the Union.