Update on Status of FY 2016 Operating Budget

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

ASEA has shared the following information with us:


As you may be aware, last Saturday the House Independent/Democratic Minority and Majority arrived at a compromise on the FY 2016 budget that would have provided for a balanced budget on July 1. Unfortunately, the Senate rejected that compromise budget and it is now in the hands of a budget conference committee, comprised of 3 members of the House and 3 members of the Senate, to reach an agreement that can be approved by both the House and Senate. We can’t predict how quickly this process will work or what the outcome may be but remain optimistic that there will be a budget in place prior to July 1, 2015.

It is important for us to thank those who have stepped forward to pass a budget to avoid a government shutdown on July 1 and to honor the commitment that was made to you in our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please take the time to send a thank you note to members of the House Independent/Democratic Minority and House Majority and the Senate Minority for taking this action and urge them to continue their commitment to avoiding a shutdown and honoring the contracts. We urge you to specifically thank the members of the Independent/Democratic House Minority for standing firm to ensure honoring our contracts was included in the House passed budget. You can access all these members by clicking on the following link: http://afscmelocal52.org/index.php/news/74-thank-legislators-who-voted-for-budget-funding

Additionally, it is important to urge the Budget Conference Committee to accept the House passed version of the budget. Please thank the House Conference Committee members for the budget they passed and ask the Senate Conference Committee members to accept it. Those members are listed on the following link: http://www.afscmelocal52.org/index.php/news/75-ask-conference-committee-members-to-support-compromise

Remember it is always more effective to be positive and polite in your message no matter the position a legislator may have taken to this point on the budget. Also, always use your personal email when writing to legislators.

Although we remain optimistic that a budget will be passed prior to July 1 we know it is very unsettling that many of you will receive notices of pending layoff. We know the Governor did not want to have to mail these notices but it was his responsibility to do so in order to give required and adequate notice to all union employees. There are many questions regarding how a partial shutdown would occur and the effect on employees. The Division of Personnel and Labor Relations has provided answers to many questions. We have posted it on our website and you can access it by clicking on the following link: http://www.afscmelocal52.org/index.php/news/70-state-faq-for-partial-gov-t-shutdown

Please be assured that we are working diligently with the State Administration and Legislature to avoid the shutdown and to honor our contract. Also, when and if it becomes clear that a shutdown will occur on July 1 we will be addressing a number of issues with the Administration.