General Information





Here are some points of information.

4 WEEK DISPATCH—This will continue as per our CBA, we are to meet with the state to discuss possible changes—more info will be forthcoming.

TRAVEL PAY—If you are a DRAE or RARE or Relief you do not get travel pay.  The only time travel pay is payable is if you are a RAE going to your own vessel at other than your regular change port.

PAY PROBLEMS- Please contact payroll before you call the union—most of the time you can get it worked out. File a Notice of Pay Problem with the state, it is the employee’s responsibility to complete the form with full details and get a copy to the Union.  If, after receiving a response from payroll, you still disagree then give us a call.

DISPATCH— Please check the crew list on Fridays.  We continue to have crew who do not check it because they think they are laid off.  You run the risk of being terminated, having a reprimand in your permanent file and losing money.


Pete Lapinski