Regional Director’s Report

Greetings brothers and sisters,

I’d like to thank our union brothers and sisters for choosing me to represent our region. It is an honor and a privilege to be elected as your regional director and it is humbling that you place your faith and trust in me. I do not take this responsibility lightly, and I will endeavor to represent you with the utmost transparency and boldness. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

We all send former regional director Ricky Deising our best wishes. As a 35 year veteran of our union and a 32-year AMHS employee, he will be sorely missed. He fought every battle with his vast knowledge, upbeat personality, and tireless courage, all for the good of our union.

I’d also like to congratulate all the E-Board members, new and returning, with a special thanks to Brother Pete Lapinski for his invaluable wisdom and vigorous defense of our workers’ rights.  This is an exciting time for us with many endeavors ahead. I’m confident we will continue to unite and overcome any challenges.

We are still in contract negotiations with Alaska Nautical. We will continue to fight for our brothers’ and sisters’ rights in this ongoing struggle.

We are in our final stages of contract language with Delta Western. National President Alan Coté has been the driving force behind this contract, and we appreciate his knowledge and experience in this negotiation.

Because of the dedication of our brothers and sisters, we have secured contracts for Crowley, Sundance Stevedoring, Ketchikan Gateway Borough, and the City of Unalaska. Much gratitude to all the hardworking members for making these contracts possible.

Our AMHS contract will be in print and sent out as soon as the State of Alaska signature page is received. We are currently addressing LWOP, dispatch and sick leave issues with the State of Alaska. We will diligently pursue fair treatment for our members.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas


In solidarity,

Joshua J. Stephenson

Regional Director

Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific