Vessel Personnel with Security Duties Classes


2014_2015 VPDSD Class Flyer JNU_KTN

09_12_2014 Revised AMHS Pamphlet_Training

Please find the attached class flyer for two (2) upcoming Vessel Personnel with Security Duties classes with Cape International.  The VPDSD class prerequisite is the AMHS online security course “Maritime Security Awareness” – see attached pamphlet with instructions on accessing the course – page 16.

This flyer and information about the STCW Security Endorsements is  posted on the AMHS Learning Portal

STCW Security Endorsements to Merchant Mariner Credentials (MMC)

All crew members should possess the appropriate USCG STCW Security Endorsements to their Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC).

The endorsements are free; USCG fillable applications ware posted on the AMHS Learning Portal under the Security Training topic heading.

If you have not done so already send a copy of your new STCW Security Endorsements to the AMHS Training Department for entry to your Training/Dispatch records.

The endorsements are progressive; i.e. if a mariner possesses the higher endorsement then the lower endorsements are included.  Many AMHS Mariners qualify for a higher endorsement (or may want to obtain a higher endorsement) then indicated for their current shipboard position.  The STCW Security Endorsements  are (from lowest level to highest):

STCW Security Awareness

    1. All Crew Members/All Vessel Positions

STCW Vessel Personnel With Security Duties (VPDSD)/Security Awareness (SA)

    1. Deck Officers, AB Bosuns/Able Seaman and Chief Purser/PSWIC – This course is recommended for all crew members

Vessel Security Officer (VSO) recent STCW VSO Endorsements include VPDSD and SA

    1. Master and Chief Mate



Amy Wilson