Tentative Agreement

June 13th 2014.

Greetings Brother and Sisters,

Your negotiations team has signed a Tentative Agreement with the State of Alaska. The next step is to send ballots to all AMHS workers for a ratification vote. You will be seeing ballots in your mailboxes soon.

When this negotiating process began, the State’s position was for a “zero cost contract” and they held fast to that concept throughout the winter and spring. They were after our COLD, our passes, and were determined to cut across the board.

However, the memberships’ efforts to defeat Senate Bill 182, our unified stand with our brothers and sisters in the MM&P and MEBA, our resounding vote to strike if necessary, as well as the support of labor unions statewide turned the “takeaway tide.” We showed the State of Alaska what “Alaska Strong” is all about.

Copies of the Tentative Agreement will be available soon for your review and consideration.

Important elements of the proposed agreement include:

  • A 1% raise in 2015 and a 2% raise in 2016 for all members.
  • Qualifying members retain their COLD wages.
  • Important Deck and Engine positions will receive additional increases to approach maritime industry standards. Boatswains and Junior Engineers will make the same as Chief Stewards and Chief Pursers. AB Seamen will increase to the former Boatswain’s rates. Oilers will increase to the former Jr. Engineer’s rates. Ordinary Seamen will increase to the former AB Seamen rates.
  • Jr. Pursers will increase to Storekeeper wage rates.
  • We keep Rule 21 Late Arrival pay.
  • We keep the lump sum pay for qualifying members described in Rule 17.06.
  • Kennicott members will be able to choose to be dispatched back into the fleet during operational schedule changes. Additional “place holder days” have been added to those members who would otherwise risk LWOP.
  • We keep passes, but those who use them will be subject to an annual administrative fee of $100.00.

As with all issues, we urge all members to consider the strengths and weaknesses of the ballot proposal. Debate pro and con is expected and welcomed. Nevertheless, your negotiations team believes this to be the best deal we can expect or will receive from the State of Alaska. With a unified voice, we strongly recommend an affirmative vote on the proposed ballot.


In Solidarity,

Ricky Deising, Regional Director

Kerry Crocker, Steward Representative

Earling Walli, Deck Representative

Mark Slichter, Engine Representative

Siwatu McLaurin, SW Representative

Michael Queen, Purser Representative