BBQ/Rally in Juneau

Hello Members,

There will be a BBQ and rally across from the Capitol in Juneau Wednesday March 20 @ Noon to 1:00 pm. Everyone’s continued support is making headlines, keep up the good fight and thank you to our members, brothers and sisters in other unions, family, and friends who have supported us!

You can visit the Facebook event page:


Juneau office #: 907-790-9644

M/V Tazlina Bids

Hi Members,

The bid list that was released today for the M/V Tazlina regarding unlicensed bid positions has not been sanctioned by the IBU. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at our offices.

Juneau: 907-790-9644

Ketchikan: 907-225-6360

Alaska Budget Presentation & Survey

Hi Members,

Representative Dan Ortiz offered a chance to the community of Ketchikan to discuss the Governor’s proposed budget. The summary of that meeting was apparent, it is crucial that we and our family and friends make it a point to contact our representatives and give them our input. It’s important that your rep and other reps know the impact it will have on ourselves, our family, and our communities. This will help the house and senate come to a consensus and influence their decision. Below is a paper presentation that was handed out and a survey that was handed out afterwards.

Update on Alaska’s Fiscal Situation

Survey provided by Representative Dan Ortiz

*You can also complete the survey online by clicking on this link:

If you didn’t receive an email about which representatives to contact please email me at or call my office at 907-225-6360

Dunleavy’s Budget Proposal

Brothers and Sisters,

There have been a lot of phone calls with great question from our members coming in to our office about our current direction since Dunleavy’s budget proposal. All three maritime unions got together to compose an informational letter. Please take the time to visit our website and read the letter. During this time we are going to need all the help we can get from our members. Please call in to both of our offices to ask how you can contribute. This will affect not only our jobs, but our families and our communities will feel the repercussions if we all don’t let our voices be heard.


Click here to access the letter

E-Board Position Correction

We recently announced the newly elected E-board members position for Stewards and Engine Rep. We failed to confirm the eligibility of all nominees prior to voting, and we apologize to all, for our mistake. According to the Union’s Constitution, a member in good standing, entails that all union dues are remitted regardless of pay status. The good standing status must be obtained within a set time period, prior to nomination for an elected position (ie-Patrolman, E-Board Member, Ship Delegate).

After another vote was taken by the E-Board, we would like to officially congratulate and welcome Paul Lorentz as our 2nd Engine room rep.

New MQ page

Hello members,

Minimum Qualifications for positions have been added to website under new web page.  Page is titled “MQ’s” and is located next to “Forms and Salary Schedules.”


you can also click this link: MQ’s

State of Alaska LOA’s online library

Hello Members,

I thought this would be a good link for people to know about. It includes LOA’s for unions that the state currently has contracts with, including IBU. We are also working on compiling LOA’s that we have in our offices that pertain to our members as a whole or with a vessel. For those who don’t know, LOA stands for Letters of Agreement and they are amendments made to provisions already agreed upon in a contract. Sometimes these LOA’s are produced to address a specific issue or alter/clarify language in a contract. They are either temporary with a specific end date or will be for the duration of the contract dates.

LOA Library – State of Alaska

New Payroll Techs for IBU

Hello members,

We have new payroll techs for IBU:

Last names A-B & S-Z: Karen Nowak – (907) 465-4042

Last names C-H: Brittney Willhite – (907) 465-1751

Last names I-R: Danelle Beck – (907) 465-1750