Special Election Results

The ballot committee counted the ballots and the results are as follows:
The astrick signifies who won the position.

Regional Director

Trina Arnold 98*
Earling Walli 85
Brian Rotola 4

Special Patrol-Person

Krissel Calibo 96*
John Morris 85

Volunteer Patrol-Person Juneau

Roel Mangaccat 115*

Pay Stub and Webmail password reset

Follow the link below for instructions on how to reset your password. The link in the first paragraph is no good, but the rest are current.  An employee’s webmail login is their state email a.k.a firstname.lastname@nullalaska.gov.  The IRIS login is usually the employee number.  Hope this helps.



Claudia Boyd Emergency Leave Donation Request

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Sister Claudia Boyd just got word of a death in her immediate family last night and is need of donations to allow her the time to deal with the numerous issues  surrounding the family’s circumstances. Please help Claudia out by donating vacation hours to her leave bank.  If you have any questions or comments, please give us a shout.  Trina at (907) 617-4664 in KTN or Darryl in JNU at (907) 790-9644.

In Solidarity,