Special Union Nomination Meetings

Greetings Sisters and Brothers of the Alaska Region,

It’s election time again for our union. All offices are open to full book members in good standing for the past two years. In the Alaska region we will be holding special meetings on Sept 10th, 2 pm in Juneau and Sept 11th, 1:30 pm in Ketchikan. Both meetings are for the purpose of nominating members for all open positions that we have in the Alaska region and National offices. Being a democratic body we urge all of you that qualify to run for office.

National President, National Secretary/Treasurer, Regional Director and Patrolman positions, along with all seats on our E-Board are needing to be filled once again for the next three years.

Our National Constitution http://ibupak.org/wp-content/uploads/2013_Constitution-as-amended1.pdf describes the job duties of both the Regional Director and Patrolman on pages 45-49, and National president and National Secretary/Treasurer on pages 23-28. Our  Alaska-By-Laws http://ibupak.org/wp-content/uploads/Alaska-By-Laws-3-13-13.pdf describe all regional positions up for election, including Chairman, vice-chairman and twelve committee members. Please take the time to read the Constitution and the By-Laws and it will describe in detail what is expected of you during your oath of office.

Please know that you are the union and that you are the ones who need to step up and be part of your futures that lay ahead of you. We challenge each and everyone one of you to become more involved in your union and to run for one of the many seats that need filling. Over these past 2 ½ years we have heard many of your issues and we have asked you to step up and be the one who will give direction to how this Union is run, whether though a regional or national position.


Yours in Solidarity, Ricky Deising

Regional Director.

Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific Alaska Region

907-790-9644 office

907-790-9646 fax



MM&P Job Action Called Off

There will be NO job action this Saturday 8/30/14 by the MM&P that would cause any of our members in the IBU to not be at work. We welcome the news that MM&P has offered an LOA to keep the conversation open and we wish their team all the best

The State and Masters, Mates and Pilots (MM&P) have entered into a Letter of Agreement (LOA) that extends the expired contract as well as cares for negotiations on a new three-year contract covering July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2017.

This LOA extends the negotiation period, avoiding the risk of a job action by MM&P members. We at the IBU are proud to show our Solidarity to our Sisters & Brothers of the other unions throughout the great state of Alaska.

Tentative Agreement Approved

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

The TA Ballot count has been completed and approved.


Yes – 119             No- 12


Yes – 96                No – 47


Yes – 18                No – 9


Yes – 41                No – 3

Voided Ballots

Purser – 4            Steward – 1       Engine – 1 Deck – 1

Total Votes



Thank you to everyone who supported the contract.

Remember an injury to one is an injury to all.

Yours in Solidarity,


Ricky Deising

Regional Director

Inland Boatmen’s Union of the Pacific Alaska Region

Office 907-790-9644

Fax 907-790-9646



Greetings All,

Please find the nomination forms and acceptance forms for your nominations meetings posted below.

Member’s can be nominated at the meeting but must have an acceptance form filled out before the end of the meeting (it does not have to be this form but a note that says they accept and what position)

Remember also that you do not have to limit how many people run for delegate but it will be the top two or however many your region elects and it’s better to have more people run in case someone drops out we have a replacement. If they haven’t been elected  any more then no  one can fill a position if your delegates can’t attend.

If a member submits only an acceptance form the chair will then nominate them for the office at the meeting.

Acceptance of Nomination Form

2014 Nomination Form

Nomination and Acceptance Form_Combined




IBU Nomination Notice

Greetings Sisters & Brothers.

It’s election time at the IBU and nominations for all Regional and National Offices will begin in September. All full-book members in good standing are eligible to run for office, provided they meet the criteria outlined in the IBU Constitution. In our Region all E-Board seats are open and need to be filled, as well as Patrolman & Regional Director.  I will be stepping aside and retiring. Please consider this with some serious thought on how you would like to see the future of this regions direction in the next three years. We have seven contracts we represent. If no one from the ferry system runs for Regional Director or Patrolman you might have leader’s from another contract elected. Stepping in to do these jobs with no understanding of what has taken place in the past would be very difficult. Being in a leadership role is not for the weak at heart. These are not the jobs for the person who wants a cushy job with lots of pats on the back and thank you’s for a job well done. If you believe in the fight for truth, justice, the right to work and Solidarity for all you might want to consider running for one of these offices.

Having been a dues paying member for the past 35 years I wish you all the best in searching your souls and making a right decision in stepping up and running for one of the elected positions that are open for nomination.


 Yours in Solidarity, Ricky Deising

Regional Director.

Inlandboatmen’s Union of the Pacific Alaska Region

907-790-9644 office

907-790-9646 fax

July 2, 2014